Perform Umrah with Ticket Planet, 22 days affordable package

Ticket Planet Umrah Packages

Perform Umrah with Ticket Planet, 22 days affordable package

Are you ready for a soul-enriching pilgrimage? Sky Royal International is here to make your Umrah experience unforgettable, offering a limited 22-day package that includes flights, accommodations, and more. Let's dive into the details of this incredible opportunity!

Flight Details: Connecting You to the Divine

Your spiritual journey kicks off with flights that seamlessly connect you to the holy cities. The itinerary is as follows:

  • FZ332 (05FEB): KHIDXB (0330) - DXBJED (0450)

  • FZ909 (05FEB): DXBJED (0925) - 1145

  • FZ892 (26FEB): MEDDXB (0115) - 0445

  • FZ333 (26FEB): DXBKHI (0600) - 0900

These carefully selected flights ensure a comfortable and timely journey, allowing you to focus on the spiritual significance of your pilgrimage.

Accommodations: A Home Away from Home

Your stay in Makkah and Madina is thoughtfully arranged at esteemed hotels, providing comfort and proximity to the holy sites.

Makkah Hotel: Al Hidayah Towers

  • 12 Nights

  • Shuttle Service included

Madina Hotel: Meezab International

  • 9 Nights

  • Shuttle Service included

Choose from various room configurations, including sharing, triple, and quad options, catering to your specific needs. Here's a glimpse of the pricing:

  • Sharing: 175,000/-

  • Triple: 190,000/-

  • Quad: 181,000/-

Additional Accommodation Options for Diverse Preferences

For those seeking a different experience, alternative accommodations are available:

Makkah Hotel: Al Hidayah Tower

  • 12 Nights

  • Shuttle Service included

Madina Hotel: Safa Tower

  • 9 Nights

  • Shuttle Service included

Explore room configurations like double, triple, and quad, with prices ranging from 188,000/- to 236,000/-.

Package Inclusions: A Comprehensive Spiritual Journey

Your Umrah package by Sky Royal International goes beyond flights and accommodations. It includes:

  1. Hotel Accommodation: Enjoy a comfortable stay at carefully selected hotels in Makkah and Madina.

  2. Return Air Ticket: Seamless flights connecting you to the holy cities.

  3. Umrah E-Visa: Hassle-free visa processing for your spiritual journey.

  4. Transport (Sharing by Bus): Convenient transportation within and between cities.

Booking Information: Your Gateway to Spiritual Fulfillment

Ready to embark on this spiritual adventure? Contact at 0333-1555703 or visit their office at Office No 12, Ground Floor, Business Arcade, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal RD, PECHS, Karachi. Secure your spot for a transformative Umrah experience.

Act Now: Limited Offer, Infinite Blessings

This limited 22-day Umrah package by Sky Royal International is a rare opportunity to embark on a spiritual journey filled with divine blessings. Don't miss out on this chance to deepen your connection with the divine – book your spot today! May your pilgrimage be filled with peace, reflection, and spiritual growth. Safe travels on this sacred journey!

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